Inmanta Orchestration Solutions

Accelerate your automation journey

Inmanta helps telecom operators and service providers to realize their transformation to fully automated networks and services, that are easier and more efficient to operate. We combine our truly intent-based orchestration platform with turnkey service models and adapters to provide proven end-to-end automation solutions. The Inmanta orchestration solutions address your most pressing business challenges, whether you require on-demand service delivery, scalable lifecycle management or closed-loop automation. Our solutions are focused on helping you minimizing time to market to 3 months and delivering business value from day 1.

Fiber access networks

Reduce time to cash and provide cloud-like customer experience with on-demand provisioning and activation of fiber access networks. Build a scalable and programmable network that can respond instantly to changing requirements for residential broadband, enterprise connectivity and wholesale.

  • 100% automation across xPON access & IP/MPLS transport networks
  • On-demand delivery through self-service portal and/or API
  • Enhanced integrity, stability and resilience
  • Gradual upgrades and fine-grained migration
  • Fully automated virtual lab
  • Standards compliant (BBF, MEF)
Inmanta orchestration solution for fiber access networks
Inmanta orchestration solution for mobile private networks, e.g. for the mining industry.

Mobile private networks

Scale to 100s up to 1.000s mobile private networks (MPN) to accelerate revenue growth, without having to grow your operations team. One-click deployment of the end-to-end mobile network, incl. 5G core or 4G EPC, backhaul connectivity and network slices.

  • End-to-end automation of MPN infrastructure and services
  • Multi-domain - not limited to edge only
  • Self-service deployment and on-demand updates
  • Efficient lifecycle management of MPNs at scale
  • Optimal placement across on premise, telco (edge) and public cloud

Cloud interconnect

Connect your enterprise customers on demand to their preferred public cloud provider within minutes. Grow your revenue and increase margins through improved customer experience, high reliability and zero-touch operations.

  • Zero-touch, end-to-end automation from enterprise to cloud
  • On-demand delivery through self-service portal and/or API
  • Enhanced consistency, reliability and repeatability
  • Support for all major cloud providers
  • Integration with network inventory and OSS/BSS
Inmanta orchestration solution for cloud interconnect