Intent-based orchestration for end-to-end automation

Inmanta enables service providers to streamline the end-to-end delivery of new services to their customers. Our award-winning orchestrator integrates and coordinates all different elements of the SDN & NFV architecture. By eliminating complexity, Inmanta ensures a faster time-to-market and a more agile business.

End-to-end consistency

Integrate and coordinate all different elements of the SDN & NFV architecture to ensure end-to-end consistency and compliance. Deploy changes across the network in a more structured and reliable way.

Service agility

Rapidly compose new end-to-end services, which can be tested, verified and deployed in a simple and repeatable way. Automate from development up to production in line with DevOps and continuous delivery.

True openness

Inmanta is open-source and vendor agnostic. It offers an open framework with open APIs that is easily extensible to integrate with different technologies, platforms and vendors.

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