Get service delivery and network operations right

Service providers often struggle with getting service delivery and network operations up to speed. Also scalability and reliability are real issues with excessive manual work eating up profit margins and introducing human errors. Use Inmanta Service Orchestrator to deliver core and new, value-added services on-demand and tailored to customer needs. Minimize time-to-market and reduce TCO at the same time. 

Disruptive Service Orchestration Technology

Rapidly create, customize and roll-out new services

Current network and service management practices fall short in dealing with telecom networks that have become more heterogeneous and software-oriented. Therefore, end-to-end service orchestration is essential. Inmanta provides a programmable, intent-based framework to create, customize and roll out on-demand services 10x faster.

Reclaim control and greatly simplify service development

Inmanta Service Orchestrator provides a stable high-level API toward the business. Consequently, it automatically derives all other information from the service model, the inventories, and the network. The truly open orchestration solution is flexible and vendor-agnostic, as it interoperates with any software and connects with any type of network device.

Reliably deliver 5G/Edge related services across domains

Although creating the foundations for extensive automation, SDN/NFV/Cloud technologies are limited to a single domain. Inmanta goes one step further to help accommodate 5G/Edge related services. Our software addresses the exponential increase in complexity to manage all cross-domain, cross-technology and cross-layer aspects - and stay compliant.

Rely on Inmanta to automate your most critical infrastructure

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We strongly believe that network automation will shape the future of our network, making it easier and more efficient to operate while delivering the best-in-class experience to our customers.
The service orchestrator developed by Inmanta will help us in realizing this exciting transformation journey.

Inmanta is recognized in the 2022 Gartner® Cool Vendors™ in AI and Automation for CSP Operations and Engagement report by Pulkit Pandey, Peter Liu, Amresh Nandan, Lisa Unden-Farboud, and Brian Doherty.

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