Fast lane to the market: only through end-to-end service orchestration

Inmanta presented at the fourth DistriNet R&D Bites. The theme evening was titled “No way back: Extensive automation in Cloud & Telco”. Our CEO, Stefan Walraven, explained that the only way to significantly reduce the time to market and increase agility, is through end-to-end automation and orchestration. Speedy release cycles result in continuous innovation and are a major source of competitive advantage. The talk also went into more detail about what end-to-end actually means.

CfgmgmtCamp 2017

Inmanta presented at Config Management Camp 2017 in Ghent about next-generation infrastructure as code. The Inmanta Service Orchestrator takes infrastructure as code to the next level, by bringing well-established software engineering concepts to infrastructure management. Inmanta starts from your application or service and its requirements, and manages it all the way down to your infrastructure, whatever it is: serverless, containers, cloud or servers and switches, or even your existing tools such as Puppet and Ansible.

Application-driven orchestration of infrastructure

Inmanta presented at the first DistriNet R&D Bites. The theme evening was titled “SDN: Unlocking the future of network infrastructure”. Our CTO presented the benefits of SDx in combination with orchestration for service agility.

DevOps Days Ghent 2016

Inmanta presented at DevOps Days Ghent 2016. The presentation was about the benefits of self-service, even in non-enterprise environments.