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Inmanta Connect introduces turnkey connectivity automation software

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Featuring digital twin and designed for large and small telecom operators as well as service providers

Leuven (Belgium) – Inmanta, a leading software company for the telecom industry, today unveiled Inmanta Connect, its new turnkey automation solution for orchestrating end-to-end connectivity services. This intelligent software profoundly simplifies and opens up network automation to more telecom companies and service providers to offer B2B connectivity services such as VPN on demand.

Stefan Walraven CEO of Inmanta

“With the arrival of 5G and increasing demand for instant and reliable digital connections, telecom companies are facing a make-or-break scenario, where time is of the essence,” says Stefan Walraven, CEO of Inmanta.

What makes Inmanta Connect unique is that the automation software unlocks significant efficiency wins by minimizing both time to revenue and time to market:

  • End-to-end automation reduces time to revenue – the time it takes for a customer to order a service and it being delivered – from multiple weeks to mere minutes.
  • Out-of-the-box connectivity services reduce time to market – or ‘service creation time’ – from months to days, enabling telecom operators to automate and innovate much faster.

With Inmanta Connect, there is no need for coding or creating workflows. Intelligent self-healing properties ensure secure and reliable connectivity. Customers also get a digital twin, an automated virtual lab, to run tests and upgrades with confidence. The software uses MEF standardized L1, L2 and L3 connectivity service definitions and is completely vendor-agnostic, supporting all major vendors and providers out of the box.

Opening up automation software to all telecom companies and service providers

With this turnkey automation software, large and small telecom operators as well as service providers can now efficiently deliver connectivity services on demand to their customers in a fully automated way from day one.

“We designed Inmanta Connect with both large telecom companies and Tier 3 and 2 players in mind,” adds Walraven. “Even infrastructure providers such as railway and utility companies with private fiber networks can now offer connectivity services or lease their untapped capacity to partners in an automated way.”

Secure and reliable enterprise connectivity

Inmanta Connect can be used by telecom companies, for instance, to provide a direct and guaranteed link between data centers of a multinational corporation for disaster recovery reasons. Or to securely connect an automotive company’s smart manufacturing facility to its cloud infrastructure for continuous processing of IoT data.

Smart automation software at work

Intelligent and intent-based orchestration ensures that the right configurations are applied across networks. It continuously verifies that the network configuration complies to the ‘intent’ and activates self-healing when required.  

“Intent-based orchestration is like traveling from any location to your destination (i.e. intent). Whereas most automation systems require static workflows from specific points – e.g. from A to B, Inmanta Connect generates smart dynamic graphs that adapt along the way. Just like your car’s navigation system does,” explains Walraven.

Digital twin to run tests and upgrades

Inmanta Connect also features a digital twin to empower a CI/CD and DevOps approach. Think of it as a fully automated virtual lab where telecom operators can run tests and upgrades with the orchestrator in their own network with confidence. It includes a continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) pipeline for automated testing and a smooth rollout of changes. This is fully in line with a DevOps approach to enable faster engineering, testing and delivery of connectivity services.

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New white paper on orchestrated innovation

In collaboration with the analysts from Appledore Research, Inmanta recently published a new white paper on the relevance of orchestration in innovation and delivery processes in the telecom industry.

About Inmanta

Inmanta is a leading software company in end-to-end automation of services and networks. With automation being a key enabler for innovation, Inmanta empowers telecom companies and communications service providers (CSPs) to deliver their services much faster and with more flexibility. Instead of months and years to release and deliver services, Inmanta reduces the process to a matter of weeks and minutes.

Inmanta is a high-tech spin-off from the University of Leuven (KU Leuven) in Belgium, and its automation and orchestration technology is backed by 10+ years of research. Leading service providers rely on Inmanta’s software to deliver mission-critical services, beef up their automation process, increase operational efficiency, and to guide them through their transformation journey.

For more information, visit and follow Inmanta’s LinkedIn page for the latest updates and announcements.

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