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Orchestrated Innovation

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Orchestration is typically associated with automating existing processes. And more specifically, the service fulfillment process. Why such a limited scope? Because that’s what existing solutions can deliver. However, true orchestration is much more than executing workflows. It is a powerful asset for telcos to drive innovation speed and lower the cost to innovate.

Tooling the telco service factory

Customers want reliable connectivity services that can be turned up on demand with as little effort as possible. In addition, such a Network-as-a-Service offering should also be customizable, flexible and scalable. This requires a solution that can automate not only the delivery of a specific service, but also the introduction and validation of all service variations.

Orchestration can be an enabler for such a telco service factory, supporting the continuous delivery of innovations in a safe and reliable way. Having such an automated product/service pipeline allows telcos to deliver personalized services faster and at scale.

Learn more about orchestrated innovation

This “orchestrated innovation” approach has always been part of Inmanta’s orchestration philosophy. Provisioning a standard service that never changes, is easy. Any workflow engine can do it. But it’s not a real-world scenario. The real challenge is in handling continuous change across the entire lifecycle. That’s what orchestration is really about.

If you want to learn more about orchestration innovation, don’t hesitate to download our joint white paper with Appledore Research. It offers a new perspective on the relevance of orchestration to the innovation and delivery process. In addition, Stefan Walraven, our CEO, will talk more about this topic during his presentation at the Layer123 World Congress in November.

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