Keynote Presentation at Layer123 World Congress

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The Layer123 World Congress took place from October 12 to 15. This virtual event is the successor of the SDN NFV World Congress in The Hague. The focus shifted towards service evolution beyond SDN and network virtualization. Inmanta was one of the sponsors of the congress and also had a keynote presentation.

Service evolution beyond SDN and NFV

The agenda covered all areas of network transformation and service evolution in telecom and networking. Not just SDN and NFV, but also smart orchestration, network automation, 5G, IoT, and the whole range of exciting developments and applications we are seeing across the market.

Despite the virtual format, it was a successful event with many interesting presentations and panels.

Keynote presentation: Why automation projects fail and how to win big

Automation is not an option. It provides a huge opportunity and with the COVID-19 pandemic, it only became even more important. However, there are also quite some frustrations about the success of automation projects.

On October 15, our CEO, Stefan Walraven, presented his analysis about why automation projects typically fail and what the key issues are. His conclusion is that we typically forget to build a good foundation. Operators and enterprises start automating their complex use cases, for example 5G and network slicing, while the basics of automation are not in place yet.

We received quite a lot of positive feedback and confirmation afterwards. So Stefan decided to start a series of articles.

Below you can find the video of his keynote presentation.

Keynote presentation by Stefan Walraven (CEO of Inmanta) at Layer123 World Congress