Inmanta joins ETSI ZSM

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Inmanta joins the Zero touch network and Service Management Industry Specification Group (ZSM ISG) of ETSI as participant. The ETSI ZSM ISG aims to fully automate all operational processes and tasks in network and service management. Inmanta strongly believes it can add an important contribution through its experience with end-to-end service orchestration and its expertise in software engineering, automation and DevOps.

Inmanta enables CSPs to deliver their services much faster and with more flexibility. Its end-to-end service orchestrator automates and streamlines the entire operational process. Instead of months and years to release new services, Inmanta reduces the process to a matter of weeks and minutes.

“There is a direct match between Inmanta and the goal of the ETSI ZSM ISG,” states Stefan Walraven, co-founder and CEO of Inmanta. The ZSM ISG aims to support zero-touch network and service management in a multi-vendor environment. Therefore it will define an end-to-end operable framework enabling efficient management and 100% automation of networks and services. “End-to-end is in the DNA of our service orchestrator. From the start we were convinced that it is the only way to achieve full automation and thus a faster time-to-market. We are glad to see that ETSI is heading the same way, and we will fully support the ISG.”

Inmanta is confident it can contribute to the ZSM ISG thanks to years of experience. Its automation and orchestration technology is based on 10 years of research. And the team has strong expertise in software engineering, cloud computing and DevOps. “It’s time for Inmanta to join the forefront of developments,” says Stefan, “so we are really looking forward to collaborate with the other members and participants.”