Service orchestration

The most powerful service orchestrator

Inmanta is the only player with an innovative, integrated approach for management and orchestration (MANO). Inmanta Service Orchestrator provides capabilities for the end-to-end delivery of telecommunication services. It manages and automates the full service lifecycle. Our award-winning service orchestrator is an open framework that easily integrates with virtual network functions (VNFs), OSS / BSS, SDN, physical and virtual devices, datacenter resources and cloud platforms.

Get a lot of advantages

  • Streamline design and delivery of new services and compete with global OTT providers
  • Reduce time-to-deployment to minutes
  • Reduce OPEX up to 50% through service lifecycle automation
  • Increase business agility to realize ARPU growth
  • Avoid lock-in and increase flexibility through an open, vendor-agnostic architecture
Inmanta's benefits for carrier-grade NFV orchestration


Manage and chain the best of breed VNFs into new and innovative communication services, without locking yourself into a specific vendor ecosystem.

Inmanta is based on our end-to-end vision on the SDN / NFV architecture, with a strong focus on openness and flexibility. Our orchestrator aligns with key industry standards such as TOSCA and ETSI NFV.

Inmanta delivers an open framework that allows you to easily integrate with the VNFs and NFV infrastructure (NFVI) of your choice. It is the overarching NFV orchestrator, but can also be the VNF manager and the element manager. Inmanta bridges the gap to your success. 

Inmanta is fully aligned with the ETSI NFV standard, offering an open framework to integrate with the VNFs and VNFI of your choice.
End-to-end service orchestration over multiple domains and across vendors and technologies

End-to-end Service Orchestration

Inmanta offers a unified way to automate and manage telecommunication services over multiple domains and across vendors and technologies. Our top-level orchestrator integrates and coordinates all different elements of the telco architecture: third-party VNFs, SDN controllers, physical network devices, datacenter resources and cloud platforms. 

By abstracting the underlying complexity and heterogeneity, Inmanta enables you to deploy end-to-end changes in a reliable and structured way, and to guarantee consistency across domains.

DevOps delivery pipeline for telecom

Service Agility

Agility and programmability are critical to automate and speed up the delivery of new services. Inmanta offers telcos powerful modeling to rapidly create and onboard such new services. Next, network operators can test, deploy and operate these new services using Inmanta's orchestrator, fully in line with DevOps and continuous delivery.

Inmanta gives telcos in-house control over their networks and services. Operators can themselves compose and integrate new technologies, VNFs, physical and virtual resources. For this, Inmanta provides pick-and-plug flexibility through its modular architecture.

Integrate with any technology or vendor