Cloud orchestration

Deploy faster and more efficiently to the cloud

Inmanta Enterprise Cloud Orchestrator delivers one-click deployment and management of your applications, including all interdependencies. Stop wasting time and resources by manually updating configuration files and maintaining in-house scripts and tooling. Through highly automated management from Inmanta, you gain maximal efficiency and productivity, completely in line with DevOps and continuous delivery.

Inmanta combines advanced orchestration capabilities with configuration management and fine-grained monitoring into a powerful automation tool.  It is the overarching tool that integrates with your existing tools, providing a unified way to automate and manage your applications in the cloud. Empower your developers and operators with an holistic view on all appliations, environments and infrastructure, while preserving high flexibility.


It's all about your choice: your platforms, your technologies, your tools of preference.


Guarantee end-to-end consistency and compliance at any time across the entire stack and over different platforms.


Deliver new applications and features at least 10x faster than it takes now.


Scale with the ever-increasing management complexity without overloading your developers and operators.

DevOps Automation

Reduce lead time, deliver faster and with more confidence. With Inmanta, you deploy and manage your applications across the stack and over machine boundaries, in a simple and repeatable way. Automate from development up to production in line with trends like DevOps and continuous delivery.

Give operators the tools to automate with maximal reuse and reliability, and empower developers to self-manage their applications.

DevOps delivery pipeline
Multi-cloud orchestration

Multi-cloud Orchestration

Inmanta provides a flexible and unified way to automate and manage your applications over multiple clouds and infrastructures. Model your application once, select the cloud platform(s) and service(s) you prefer, and start rolling out. Any change is executed in a structured and reliable way.

Inmanta's next-generation infrastructure as code enables you to automate the setup and management of all datacenter and cloud resources. Combine the elasticity of a hybrid cloud with end-to-end consistency and ensured business continuity.