MWC 2018: Inmanta showcasing full-lifecyle orchestration

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Inmanta will be showing a live demonstration of their Inmanta Service Orchestrator at Mobile World Congress 2018. Inmanta Service Orchestrator is an innovative management and orchestration (MANO) solution for end-to-end service delivery and lifecycle management. It is an open end-to-end orchestrator to automate and streamline the entire operational process. This way, Inmanta enables CSPs to deliver […]

Inmanta joins ETSI ZSM

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Inmanta joins the Zero touch network and Service Management Industry Specification Group (ZSM ISG) of ETSI as participant. The ETSI ZSM ISG aims to fully automate all operational processes and tasks in network and service management. Inmanta strongly believes it can add an important contribution through its experience with end-to-end service orchestration and its expertise […]

[Event] No way back: Extensive automation in Cloud & Telco

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Evolving customer expectations push IT organisations to DevOps and extensive automation. They need to deploy applications faster and at a larger scale, without jeopardizing their reliability. But how do you achieve a shorter time to market instead of an operational nightmare? How do you deliver the agility and scalability customers are expecting? These were the […]

Inmanta community version 2017.1 released

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New release with many improvements and bug fixes. Most notable features include: Port CLI tool to click and improve it. This removes cliff and other openstack deps from core Complete rewrite of the database layer removing the dependency on motorengine and improve scalability. Cleanup of many API calls and made them more consistent Improved handler […]

Proximus selected Inmanta as winner

Inmanta wins Call for Innovation by Swisscom, Telia and Proximus

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Proximus selected Inmanta the winner of its first Call for Innovation for its end-to-end orchestrator. Proximus committed to do a proof of concept (PoC) in the field of SDN / NFV using Inmanta’s orchestrator.   What is Call for Innovation? Swisscom, Telia Company and Proximus, three leading telco providers from across Europe, jointly issued an […]

[Event] SDN/NFV: Unlocking the future of network infrastructure

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Digitalization causes a radical transformation of industries, providing unique opportunities for value creation and competitive advantage. Software-defined networking (SDN), often combined with network function virtualization (NFV), is now reshaping the datacenter and telecom landscape. The complexity of new networking technologies is often perceived as a threat, but SDN offers an opportunity to increase efficiency, to […]

Big Data for Architects

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When someone says: we have a Big Data project, I’m torn between enthusiasm and fear.  In this post, I’ll write about my experience doing big data work. As a researcher in distributed systems, the whole big data/NoSQL thing is like living in a candy store. Distributed computing is hot again. The design of some big data systems […]