Software Infrastructure Engineer

Software Infrastructure Engineer

DevOps / Software / Infrastructure / Network / No recruiters / Remote work possible (within EU timezone)

At Inmanta, we’re passionate about building software that eliminates complexity. We work with telecom and cloud providers as well as enterprises to transform how they manage their network and IT infrastructure. They use our software to deliver mission-critical services, beef up their automation process and increase their operational efficiency.

The role

The Solutions Engineering and Delivery team’s goal is to build and deliver infrastructure automation solutions that make it easier for our customers to provision, maintain, scale and monitor their business-critical services. You will reimagine how our customers manage their network and IT infrastructure in an automated way, and then build the elegant solutions to enable that new approach. This requires careful attention to edge cases and error handling, polished code, and brutal (automated) testing to ensure we ship reliable code that never compromises up-time, data integrity or security.

Core responsibilities

  • Design and develop secure, scalable automation solutions using Inmanta’s orchestration tool for complex, highly distributed network and IT infrastructures
  • Implement and test integrations with various 3rd party technologies and platforms (e.g. network devices, firewalls, cloud platforms and APIs, SDN controllers, VNFs)
  • Build proof of concepts and demonstrators for customers and partners
  • Debug complex issues and performance problems throughout the stack
  • Guide and support the customer along their automation journey

While Inmanta grows, plenty of opportunities will arise for whoever is ambitious and passionate.

What we value

  • BSc (or higher, MSc or PhD) in software engineering, computer science or related technical field involving coding, or equivalent in technical experience
  • Experience with software development (OOP)
  • Experience with distributed backed systems, networks, databases, operating systems, configuration management
  • Knowledge of Python
  • Affinity with DevOps, NetOps, continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD)


  • Fast-learner and eager to try out new technologies
  • Jack of all trades loving the combo of network/infrastructure and software development
  • Dynamic and highly flexible team player

Inmanta is an equal opportunity employer.