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Introducing Inmanta Service Orchestrator release 4.4.0

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Today we are pleased to announce the release of Inmanta Service Orchestrator, version 4.4.0.

In this article, we highlight some of the notable features since release 4.3.0, more specifically the changes to the Web Console. The full changelog of the Inmanta Service Orchestrator release is available in our documentation (access to commercial documentation requires free registration) with all improvements, new features, and bug fixes.

This release is the final major update in the 4.x (ISO 4) line. In the upcoming days, we will release the new 5.x (ISO 5) line.

Changes to the Web Console

Release 4.4.0 completes the transition from the old UI (Dashboard) to the new one (Web Console). The Web Console now includes all capabilities of the old Dashboard, besides other significant improvements and bug fixes. Therefore, the new Web Console eliminates the need to switch between the two GUIs to retrieve your intended piece of information. The old Dashboard remains availble for now.

Environments overview

On the landing page, you are now presented with the environment section, allowing you to add, delete, and modify environments.

Environments Overview

Desired state page

The desired state page has been added, allowing you to see the current intended result as well as the history of the previous or retired ones in one glance.

Desired state page

Server status page

The status page displays all the server information and provides the means to easily download a support archive. The latter simplifies life a lot: with one click you retrieve all necessary information that our support team needs to help you.

Server status page

Agent page

In order to increase the convenience, Agents and their status are also available inside the Web Console.

Agent page

Summary of the changes introduced in this release

  • Updates to the web console
    • Environments page added
    • Server status page added
    • Agents page added
    • Desired state page added
    • Page persistence added to URL for all pages
  • Updates to the Inmanta Modeling Language
    • Raw strings added to the inmanta language
  • Updates to LSM
    • Allow nested dicts in attributes of the type dict